Sunday, February 11, 2007

(Eq)uality among the sexes - NO THANKS

This is not intended for the general female population over whom I have great respect. This is for a screwed up in the head and everywhere else, 40 something, socialite (un)dressed up(down) idiots who think equality between men and women equals both sexes have to do everything. Its a fucking partnership and if you can't understand that, go to hell(or maybe you are already there) (These) Women who want equality should first do away with a lot of stuff .... - Seperate ladies' queue at everything from Goverment offices to Airport security checks - 33% reservation in the parliment - Dressing up like whores and then complaining about Eve teasing - Stop trying to loose weight and show off your midrib to your socialite friends and the world - oh and I don't mean all the time, please keep fit and all that, JUST DON'T $#^^$^$% do it when you have just had a baby. - And if you don't want to look a bit round cos you have just given birth, stop $#%$@#& around so much and get on the pill - Just don't try to ride an Enfield cos you want to prove you are equal. Ride it if you truly love the ride. Otherwise you end up killing the others on the road. There is nothing wrong in going on a non-geared cute looking scoot(y)er. - There is nothing wrong in not being able to lift 100 kilos. Stop exercising so much that your Oestrogen screws up and you end up looking like 'a man', the same creature that you wanted to out do in the first place. - And hey we don't mind removing our tops in public at security checks, to the beach to the swimming pool. If you are so equal off with the tops and come into the pool. We'll be nice, I promise ;) To end a short clip from the immortal startrek


Pappaya Pie said...

Whoa...i wonder how many stinkers you managed to dodge by that one disclaimer (...not intended for the general female population...)

I wonder why i haven't come across any such socialite. oh but again, i haven't yet seen a live Ostrich..but they say it!

And what would be your (un)mixed opinion on the following?

Chadwick K said...