Wednesday, February 7, 2007

After the end - Finding Neverland

In this series I'll try to bring your attention to the music of movies after they technically get over. Yes, we are talking about the soundtrack that accompanies the credits on screen. This is the least heard/seen aspect of a movie but many a times it turns out to be the most fulfulling in terms of music. This week we'll start with the music that accompanies the end titles of the movie 'Finding Neverland'.

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Jan A.P Kaczmerak wrote a score that was melodic and orchestrated subtly for the movie about the writer of 'Peter Pan'. The end titles is accompanied by a piano solo deftly played by Leszek Mozdzer. The main attraction of this piece is the simple melody which when played over and over is improvised by the pianist. Scores like these should be written about less and heard more. So go on, list to the music and send your views too.

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