Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sim-sat, CNN-IBN & LIVE programming

Last night CNN-IBN issued this apology for relaying clips of Sri Sri Ravishankar in a live debate but where the guru’s interview was pre-recorded yet displayed as LIVE. It’s rare when the media admits to an error and one ought to laud this channel for being honest about it. But is that all? Was there a deliberate attempt at bluffing and the apology came quickly after being caught at it?

CNN-IBN’s apology says “We carried a pre-recorded interview of the Art Of Living Founder and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar without explicitly mentioning that the interview had been recorded a couple of hours earlier in the day. Since the interview appeared during a live debate format, it sent out the wrong message to viewers. There was absolutely no malafide intention on our part, no disrespect was intended to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the error is deeply regretted.”

In today’s age where every viewer doesn’t rely entirely on TV to spell out the day’s news I think the producer of this show was stupid in thinking he can get away with making Sagarika Ghose, the anchor, pose questions to the guru and make it look like he was replying LIVE. Its also a little far fetched to believe that Sagarika Ghose, a seasoned journalist herself, bought the argument and acted to bluff the audience.

CNN-IBN isn’t the only channel guilty of sim-sat, every channel does it. But none yet have embarrassed themselves as much as this channel last night.

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