Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nursery school syndrome (The Anna Hazare Project)

“Miss, Ralph spit on me Miss” squeaked Sam, a 4 year old in the UKG class of Civil Society Mat & H S School. “Ralph, I’m going to come and give you a rap on your knuckles” thundered Miss Beula, the class teacher of UKG and darling of the kinder garden school children. Ralph replied “I’m sorry Miss, I coughed and spit came out”. “He’s lying Miss, he’s lying Miss” squeaked Sam again.

That was a snap shot of kids carrying tales against each other in nursery school. Here’s an example of another who refuses to grow up, who can call anybody anything but can’t take it when it comes back. Whose pack has the authority to sermonize from the highest moral high ground but who gives them the right to use your and my name and say they represent “us” or “the people” ?

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