Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Microsoft's Yahoo acquisition dreams

Despite what Joshua says, I'd like to stick my neck out and state that it's going to be a long long way before this deal closes, that is if it works out. Anything Microsoft come up with is scrutinized three times more and there are still souls in Yahoo that would die than see Yahoo taken over by Microsoft. The enormous clout GOOGLE enjoys in the online search and advertising stream could be giving Steve Ballmer nightmares but this time he's facing an Eric Schmidt who is stronger in experience and has risen after been smacked the last time like a phoenix.

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Jax said...

I was actually hoping Joshua to post about the deal. :-)

As a user of Yahoo! services, there are areas where MS could take them to the next level... But again there are areas where some good concepts could take a turn for the worse...

All we can do is wait and see... But I don't think Google would buy Yahoo. The the net would become a monopoly.