Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fernando Alonso and McLaren

Last week I stuck my neck out with the following comment in my personal blog.

McLaren needs Alonso as much as Alonso needs McLaren. There aren't too many options for the double world champion. The only place that would look like a promotion is Ferrari but Italians and Spainards are not good bedfellows. Alonso will not go from McLaren, I'm sticking my neck out on this one. Simply because the McLaren car this year is a rock solid package, it has completed every race it has started and except for just two failures during qualifying - Alonso's engine block and Hamilton's tyre, the car has performed incredibly well. I'm doubly sure that the research and development effort of McLaren is immensely being benefitted by Alonso's experience.

The press this weekend has been reporting the same news and looks like I guessed it pretty right, atleast for this season. Today's race in Istanbul should be an exciting one.

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