Sunday, July 22, 2007

Windows Live Writer

I'm arguably one of the laziest bloggers (as you can gather from the number of my posts). In order to facilitate a recent decision to correct that habit, I decided to take a look at Windows Live Writer as I've heard rave reviews about it. The last two posts on this blog was made from WLW and its awesome. Here are some points I notice about it.

  • Its simple and straight forward
  • It expectedly has a very much Microsoft Word feel to it
  • It can post to almost any blog / blogging service out there in the wide world. I personally tried my MSDN blog, Live Spaces and Blogspot and it came out of top every time.
  • I has a very active as well as reactive team working on it, ably supported by a community that has developed very useful plugins for it.

In short I'm expecting to post every other post on any of my blogs from this tool going forward. You can find plugins for the same at the Windows Live Gallery for WLW.

If I have any feature request it is to somehow sync with accessible blogs and be able to edit previous logs. Now that certainly requires a partnership between the blog service and the WLW team, and I'm thinking MSN Spaces team might be a good place to start. Of course if I'm in the dark again and there is a way out, do point me toward it. Another feature might be to download all the previous blogs and then be able to post the same on a different blog. Would be great for Syncing blogs when one is moving over to a new provider. Again if there is any tool that can help someone move from  Blogspot to spaces throw the link my way please :)

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